extraction, analysis, and reporting
data extraction, analysis,
and reporting

Digital forensics encompasses much more than just laptop and desktop computers. Mobile devices, networks, and web-based storage are commonplace in today's globally connected society. It regularly includes the analysis of images, video, and audio for authenticity,comparison, and enhancement.


Digital Forensics Code of Ethics

A Digital Forensics Examiner will at all times:

Demonstrate commitment and diligence in performance of assigned duties

Demonstrate integrity in completing professional assignments

Maintain the utmost objectivity in all forensic examinations and accurately present findings

Conduct examinations based on established, validated procedures

Abide by the highest moral and ethical standards and abide by the code set forth herein

Testify truthfully in all matters before any board, court or proceeding

Avoid any action that would knowingly present a conflict of interest

Comply with all legal orders of the courts

Thoroughly examine all evidence within the scope of the engagement

A Digital Forensics Examiner will never:

Withhold any relevant evidence

Reveal any confidential matters or knowledge learned in an examination without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction or with the express permission of the client

Express an opinion on the guilt or innocence of any party

Engage in any unethical or illegal conduct

Knowingly undertake an assignment beyond his or her ability

Misrepresent education, training or credentials

Show bias or prejudice in findings or examinations

Exceed authorization in conducting examinations

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